Welcome to the True Love Revolution’s new blog!

For those who don’t know, True Love Revolution is Harvard’s non-partisan premarital abstinence organization. We strive to present another option to our peers regarding sex-related issues, endorsing ideas of abstinence and chastity as a positive alternative for ethical and health reasons. Our efforts focus on community outreach, publicity, and being a contributor to the ongoing abstinence debate in US society. We also like to be of assistance to others interested in furthering the facts about abstinence and healthy relationships in their own communities.

We are excited to introduce our blog today, and we hope you travel back to this page to read all our up-to-date posts, which will not only feature the True Love Revolution’s events, but culture in America, relevant articles and issues, and the movement to establish strong, healthy relationships in the United States. Strong marriages help this nation flourish in every sense of the word.

Please feel free to contact the group at trueloverevolution@gmail.com or me personally at rachelwagley@gmail.com if you are curious about our organization or have any questions related to marriage or abstinence.

Rachel Wagley
True Love Revolution


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