Tufts: No sex in the dorms!

Apparently Tufts University students are having trouble keeping their clothes on while roommates sit nearby doing homework. Tufts new 2009-2010 guest policy lays down the law: “You may not engage in sexual activity while your roommate is present in the room.” The Boston Herald is amused, and some students feel patronized.

Sophomore Carolyn Pace, 19, called the policy “useless legislation” for something “obvious.” But as the Boston Herald points out, seemingly obvious things are apparently not so obvious to some.

The article then surveys other Boston campus sex policies, finding that

Harvard University’s student handbook frowns on “serious or persistent unwanted sexual conduct.

We’re fairly certain that Harvard is talking about sexual harassment, though of course it’s always difficult to know what the Cambridge administration means…we find it difficult to imagine a dorm sex ban at Harvard.

The True Love Revolution must ask the question: why are students even having sex while their roommates are a few feet over? Common decency? Respect? Not to mention modesty.

Tufts University should take care to educate their students by placing abstinence flyers by the condom boxes. It’s pathetic that Tufts must stoop to this level, but not because the Administration’s guest policy revision is misguided – the lascivious students are.

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