Marriage Happiness Training for College Kids

Heard about Northwestern’s most unique course: Marriage 101? Check out this info video.

Teaching compatibility, compromise (70% of fights are unsolvable, the prof makes clear), and how to weather the hard times, professor Arthur Nielson of Northwestern’s Family Institute, compares this course to his (Alma mater) Harvard’s old swim requirement. Harvard didn’t want to waste educating kids who were going to drown – and Northwestern doesn’t want to educate kids who are going to drown through bad marriages.

As one female student, who took the course with her bf, said:

One important point that I’ve learned through my classes at Northwestern is that a good relationship is the single most important factor in determining satisfaction with your life and overall happiness. Shouldn’t relationships be something that everyone learns about and works at, if they’re really one of the most important things in life? Sure, math and English and science are all important, but when it comes down to it, shouldn’t you be learning how to be happier in life?


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