RETHINKING SEX – register now for our regional conference in Boston

“Just do what feels right.”

While this common suggestion may be offered with the best of intentions, young adults receive very little truly helpful or constructive practical education about how to approach their relationships. Casual sexual relationships dominate the dating scene, break-ups and heartbreaks abound, marriages dissolve, and young adults struggle to find a good model from which to learn the qualities of a healthy romance. In such an environment, there is a great need among young men and women for practical education on how to build and sustain healthy, stable, and meaningful relationships.

Co-hosted by Harvard University’s True Love Revolution and Love and Fidelity Network, our first regional conference, “Rethinking Sex: Building Healthy Relationships in a Hook-up World”, aims to meet this need. The one-day regional conference, to be held at Harvard University on February 6th, will feature an outstanding line-up of psychologists ready to share what their field has to teach us about human intimacy, love, mate selection, and friendship. Ultimately, their presentations will help educate young men and women in the relationship skills needed to find success in these areas.

Cosponsored by: The Anscombe Society at Princeton University, Rodzinka at Columbia University, and True Love Revolution at Providence College

Please register online as soon as possible!

Community members and non-students are welcome.



  1. […] speak with participants at a day-long conference called “Rethinking Sex: Building Healthy Relationships in a Hook-up World.” The conference was sponsored by the campus pro-abstinence group, True Love Revolution […]

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