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BU Underclassmen Waiting For Marriage

Teri Aronowitz, Ph.D. and Nurse Practitioner at Boston University’s Student Health Services, launched a random online survey last semester that found that 56 percent of a group of 237 BU freshmen and sophomores believed in waiting until marriage to have sex. About 15 percent said they believed “they are wasting their youth if they don’t have sex,” according to Aronowitz.

The survey sought to discover and evaluate risky student behaviors after the Sexual Violence Taskforce at BU cited an increase in sexual assault on campus. Aronowitz wrote in an email to a BU Daily Free Press reporter that the study served to  “more fully understand the social norms around sexual attitudes and behaviors on our campus so as to work with students to promote sexual health.”

How will they translate these results into effective campus policy? Should they?

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