No sex= success?

One of the quirks of studying at a school as well-known as Harvard is that, before graduating, most of us will be asked at least once what the secret is- how did we get in here? Aside from hard work and good grades, something ostensibly sets us apart from the pool of applicants. Maybe some of us got in because we were abstinent in high school?

While the admissions committee definitely does not inquire to applicants’ sexual history, nor does it make its decisions based on those criteria, this aspect of our lives seems to play a part in our academics. Earlier this week, the New York Times cited a study done by the CDC, on the “Association Between Health-Risk Behaviors and Academic Grades.” The survey indicates that students who got good grades in high school were less likely to be sexually active. In fact, less than one third of the “A” students had ever had sex, compared with over two thirds of the “D/F” students. Although the study states that this association does not imply any sort of causation, there is a significant relationship between sex and success for young people that is worth further study.



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