Chivalry and Dependency in Twilight

The media debate on Twilight rages on – does it promote abstinence? Is it a positive or negative depiction of relationships?

This video features Jason Evert speaking on why Twilight is so popular with girls. He argues that Twilight’s main character Edward Cullen is attractive to girls who yearn to be protected and to meet a man who “yearns for the good of his beloved”. Cullen takes leadership and initiative in the relationship, creating a fan base of girls who cannot find examples of strong “manly” leadership in modern culture.

The problem lies in the obsession that ensues and in heroine Bella Swan’s loss of her identity in her attraction to Cullen (…and the issue that Cullen is a monster). Watch Evert talk about Twilight’s redeeming qualities of chivalry and strength and leadership and deeper problems of emotional dependency.

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