Fox News on the Love and Fidelity Network

“…It’s this type of lifestyle the Love and Fidelity Network is targeting this Valentine’s Day with half-page ads in the campus newspapers of 18 mainly Ivy League colleges and universities, including Yale, Harvard, Dartmouth and Princeton.‬‪..

The ads, co-sponsored by the Let’s Strengthen Marriage organization, will run in connection with National Marriage Week, which ends on Valentine’s Day.

There are two different ads. One shows a heart-shaped puzzle with a few pieces missing. The caption reads: “There’s more to sex and relationships than campus culture suggests. We’re filling in the missing pieces. Join us.”‬‪

The other ad features a man holding a cardboard-shaped heart with the words “Will work for love,” on it. The caption is the same about “campus culture” except the tag line is, “And we’re doing something about it.”‬‪

Hough said she believes her organization is tapping into the heartfelt desires of young people today who want meaningful relationships.

She’s actually echoing a just-released poll of 13- to 18-year-olds by One Hope,‬‪ which reported that 82 percent of them believed God intended marriage to last a lifetime.‬‪

But there’s a big problem said Hough. “Young people growing up in a divorce culture have no understanding of how good marriages work.”‬‪ They’re inundated, she says, with sexual content in movies, magazines, and on TV like MTV’s explicit show “Skins.”

Then there’s the ever-present peer pressure on campuses to be carefree and casual in their attitudes about sex.‬‪..”

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