Anscombe’s President Luciana Milano on the O’Reilly Factor


2 thoughts on “Anscombe’s President Luciana Milano on the O’Reilly Factor

  1. Frank Aziza says:

    Your parents must be proud of you. You were wondeful on the Factor

  2. Hello, Luciana:

    I want to commend you for your appearance on the O’Reilly Factor, and standing up for traditional, conservative values. I am Earl C. Wallace, author of The Three-Dimensional Leader: Negotiating Your Mission, Resources and Context. In addition to providing leadership training from a perspective of the three-dimensions of leadership revealed in the Bible’s book of Judges, I provide presentations and seminars for churches and tea parties, 9/12 Groups and others on the “Divine Decalogue for Dynamic Decency,” which presents the Ten Commands in positive paraphrases that emphasize the behavioral outcomes and positive benefits they provide for individuals and society. For example, Commandment seven is, “If you date right, you mate right.” A centerpiece of the program, moreover, is how the Ten Commandments are the Biblical Basis of the US Bill of Rights.  

    I explain how America’s Founding Father realized that through the Ten Commandments God was securing our unalienable rights.  They realized that through the Commandments, God is saying, “you have a right not to be murdered; a right not to be stolen from nor have our property improperly seized; a right not to be lied to or about or be falsely accused, and you have a right not to be sexually assaulted, molested or exploited etc.. and they imbedded those rights in the Bill of Rights.  The Declaration of Independence mentions God four times as the source and basis for freedom.

    I am an entertaining and engaging speaker who would like to tailor a presentation sponsored by your group that will cover all, or any four, of these topics that you think will meet your groups and audiences needs:

    1) The Three-Dimensions of Leadership from Judges & How America Parallels Israel during the 325 year time period of Judges, where everyman did what was right in his own eyes.  America is suffering today because every politician is doing what is right in his or her own eyes, rather than following the Bible and the US Constitution, which is based upon it.  

    2) The Biblical Basis for the Bill of Rights – How “The Divine Decalogue for Dynamic Decency” (the 10 Commandments) are the value system that inspired the America’s Founding Fathers relied upon and protected when crafting the Declaration of Independence, the US Bill of Rights, and the US Constitution.

    3) A Historical Overview of “The Contemporary Manifestations of the “World Forces of Darkness in High Places” (explained in Ephesians. 6:12) that are vying for control of politics and religion In the USA and throughout the world. America needs some Jonah’s and Judges to call us to repentance and tear down the “high places” of the philosophies and premises that motivate the anti-Biblical behaviors that cause God to remove His hand of blessing from our society.

    4) 4 Steps for Participating in God’s “If – Then” Proposition of 2 Chronicles 7:14. Each of us personally can submit to the God of the Bible upon whom America’s Founding Fathers relied upon for salvation in Christ, and inspiration to form a Biblically based government and society. By doing so, each us is better positioned to become our Brother’s Keeper, and support one another in achieving Constitutional, Biblically-based communities.
    I would appreciate your consideration for providing a presentation for The Harvard College Anscombe Society.

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