White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) Week Coming Up

 Harvard WRAP Week will take place October 21-28th

White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) is intended to educate the public about the extent of our culture’s pornography problem.

Here is a recent excerpt from a great piece in Public Discourse on the topic:

“The claim that internet pornography “doesn’t hurt anyone” is patently disproved by years of multidisciplinary studies in the hard sciences and the social sciences. These studies have exposed internet pornography as a massive, paradigm-shifting social harm that undermines the family unit and causesabuse, life-long addictionsinfidelity, and unhealthy perceptions and expectations among men, women, and children.

Likewise, the “no harm” argument also fails to consider the production of internet pornography, which is produced by way of real human beings who are almost always engaged in illegal and dehumanizing acts such asprostitutionrapesex traffickingassault, and even murder.

Though sexuality is considered “private” in our society, the social effects of collective sexual behaviors and norms, including the effects of internet pornography, cannot be kept “private.” Because pornography is sexual, it is inherently relational and thus inherently social. How people relate to each other in society is important, but how people relate sexually is crucial to the sustenance of a society because it either incentivizes or de-incentivizes the very foundation of society: the family unit.”




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