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Abstinence Education is back

After slashing abstinence education funding from the Health and Human Services budget in the summer, Senators – who happen to be parents – voted to add $50 million for abstinence funding on to the healthcare bill. This move recognizes parental opinion illustrated in the 2007 Zogby poll that attests that the vast majority of parents want their children to receive abstinence education and 83 percent want their children to be abstinent until marriage.

The Senate Finance Committee handed a victory to abstinence-education advocates.  Members voted to fund abstinence-education programs by a vote of 12-11.

The amendment, offered by Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, adds $50 million to abstinence-based programs across the country.

In a statement, Hatch said abstinence education works.

“My amendment restores a vital funding stream,” he said, “so that teens and parents have the option to participate in programs that have demonstrated success in reducing teen sexual activity and, consequently, teen pregnancies.”

Two Democrats, Sens. Kent Conrad of North Dakota and Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, joined all 10 Republicans on the committee to pass the measure.

The resolution still must pass the full House and Senate before it becomes a piece of the healthcare legislation, but we’re excited that 12 smart Senators listened to Americans and made the right choice.

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