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Gardasil Vaccination Coercion

A British teen is being denied US citizenship over her refusal to get the Gardasil vaccination. Local churches helped pay for application fees, but the application was refused over the Gardasil issue. The new immigration requirement as of 2008 by the Center for Disease Control transcends the right of the individual to refuse the vaccine that prevents against HPV and has recently come under fire when an August American Medical Association study revealed hidden harmful consequences. Although the 1996 Immigration and Naturalization Act mandated vaccinations instated by the CDC, Gardasil is the only required vaccine combatting a disease caused by sexual contact. Simone Davis, age 17, objects on moral, religious, and health grounds, saying she chooses abstinence and does not want the vaccine.

Gardasil is not a required vaccine for US citizens, nor is it a necessary vaccine. Although the ABC news article cites rape stats and other figures, girls should not be coercively vaccinated against sexually transmitted diseases, thus paying – literally and figuritively – for the potential crimes and indiscretions of others. Since when did prevention become the supreme god? Where is the CDC’s campaign for abstinence?

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